1- The most important thing for my son when we go to a hockey tournament out of town is whether or not the hotel we stay at has a swimming pool.

2- She lives in an enormous house, with 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and an indoor swimming pool.

3- Someone once joked that having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.

4- sectorWe put up a fence around our private swimming pool after a neighbor's child almost drowned when he came to swim without telling us he was there.

5- We had to pump all the water out of the swimming pool to clean it out.

6- During a lifetime, the human heart pumps enough blood to fill 100 swimming pools.

7- Balwinder slipped getting out of the swimming pool, and banged his chin.

8- He was away from the swimming pool.

9- You have to take a shower before going into the swimming pool.

10- She is taking diving lessons at the local swimming pool, and is doing really well.

11- The newest technology for keeping swimming pools free of germs is ozone.

12- If you stay at a big hotel, you can use their swimming pool.

13- Martha scraped her knee while climbing out of the swimming pool.

14- The swimming pool was full of gorgeous women in tiny bikinis.

15- The young boy shoved his friend into the swimming pool.

16- Find someone who has dived off the 5-meter platform at a swimming pool.

17- pleaFind someone who has had a contest with friends to see who could make the biggest splash in the swimming pool.

18- splitI've got a pass for the swimming pool.

19- The children were laughing and splashing each other in the swimming pool.

20- You'd better build a high fence around your swimming pool, if a child gets in there, he could drown.

21- At the swimming pool, they have set aside a lane which is only for people who can swim very quickly.

22- She dived into the swimming pool.

23- The swimming pool is an attractive feature of the apartment complex.

24- The new leisure center has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, weight room, and squash courts.

25- Our neighborhood swimming pool is a wonderful facility, with a wave pool, diving boards, a huge water slide and lots of equipment for small children to play on.

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