2- From personal exp">

1- And that was an about-face from the way they treated me just prior to my primary challenge."

2- From personal experience, the about-face on Ello has been frighteningly fast.

3- It represents an about-face by Cuomo, who had previously opposed medical marijuana.

4- It was a sharp about-face for a ruler who had survived other attempts to overthrow his regime.

5- Months before that vote, Palin questioned Parnell's motivation for his about-face on her tax plan.

6- The recent stance marks an about-face from the cartel's decades-old policy of tightening supplies to support prices.

7- Then, five years later, there was an about-face.

8- This is an important about-face for Clinton, said Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica.

9- In 2014, the company began an about-face, saying it wanted to sell A$100 million of assets.

10- The Board of Commissioners then quickly did an about-face on his promotion.

11- In a remarkable about-face, the Los Angeles Record endorsed Shuler on the day before the general election.

12- It's an about-face for Apple, considering co-founder Steve Jobs vocally opposed subscriptions.

13- Japan's about-face Liberalization The Occupation was not the simple experiment in democracy it is often portrayed to be.

14- The band then executes a "halt, kick, down", followed by a "step-forward about-face".

15- This happened quickly, with a complete about-face by Party authorities.

16- In a swift about-face, he's distancing himself from his former allies, and only making himself look worse in the process.

17- She said the Liberals' about-face since campaigning on a $7-plus-inflation model in the last provincial election is "unacceptable."

18- Other areas where defects may be enhanced are at the wafer edge, where the water has to do an "about-face" (reverse motion).

19- Then, in an about-face, the Yemeni regime invited General Norman Schwarzkopf to visit San'a.

20- It rapidly deflated his pompous stance and produced an about-face smart enough to have pleased a drill sergeant.

21- It rapidly deflated his pompous stance and produced an about-face smart enough to have pleased a drill sergeant.

22- Of all the reversals, though, the most destructive in the long run was the about-face of the Communist world.

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