1- The temperature is above average this winter.

2- Richard is an above average badminton player.

3- My work at school was well above average.

4- His ability in English is above average.

5- Coastal Bend: Early yield reports for both soybeans and cotton were above average.

6- 'All the children are above average': Should schools separate gifted students?

7- But almost one-third of them said he was 'average,' and another 18 per cent said he was an 'above average' leader.

8- From the above average cabin hair dryer to the private Vibe Beach Club, the little extras mean the most.

9- Furthermore, he was three runs above average at third base according to DRS.

10- He can raise even more with a hand that is above average.

11- He sacrifices strength for above average speed and stamina.

12- He's played well over the past year or two and been consistently above average.

13- In 1997, the same spot was 5 above average.

14- It's above average for late 2014, which equates to around a day and a half of moderate use.

15- It's very similar to the temperature reading on July 16, 1997, which was 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit above average.

16- That's almost 7 inches above average for this period of time, according to Henderson.

17- The corn harvest began and looked promising with yields expected to be above average.

18- This stretch of cold air will be a shock for many as much of November has been mild and well above average.

19- Wheat producers reported yields to be good to above average.

20- Yields and quality were slightly above average.

21- above average temperatures and scattered afternoon thunderstorms are expected again for Wednesday.

22- Activity in the Central Pacific was above average; two tropical storms formed in addition to several tropical depressions.

23- Daisuke Aoki was an above average student and athlete Watashiya, Kaworu.

24- During El Nio years, waters around Hawaii can run above average, Leister said.

25- Early-May and June saw temperatures 10 12 C (18 21 F) above average at times.

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