1- Most programmes were abridgedfor commercial timing purposes.

2- The abridgedversion runs over 13 hours.

3- An original cast recording was released in 1947, heavily abridged.

4- But the NC version has been abridged.

5- Tiger Electronics produced a handheld electronic version with abridgedgameplay.

6- It follows an earlier abridgedrecording with the same actors.

7- The book was broadcast in an abridgedreading in 2012.

8- Students contended that the restrictions abridgedtheir constitutional rights.

9- An abridgededition appeared later in the same year.

10- A brief abridgedlist of the many relevant documents is given below.

11- View an abridgedversion of the interview here.

12- Originally published in an abridgedform in 1892.

13- The abridgedversion: Life is uncertain, kid.

14- abridgedversions are read by Tony Robinson.

15- Unlike the full version the abridgedversion only had twenty-one chapters.

16- Most songs were therefore heavily abridgedand several were left entirely unrecorded.

17- This paper contains an abridgedsummary of the issues and findings.

18- When those capacities are abridged, consciousness degrades or disappears.

19- The abridgedversion of case study research; Design and method.

20- The trilogy was published in Germany in an abridgededition.

21- The following is a abridgedform of Volume Four 1 .

22- Sometimes the answers are abridgedfor better use of space.

23- There was also an abridgedversion of this text written.

24- It was sung in German, with abridgedspoken dialogue.

25- This most abridgedversion is also the most effective.

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