1- nuclear testingin the area was suspended early in 1991.

2- We conform to all relevant international treaties related to nuclear testing.

3- You mean the people who lived near nuclear testingsites?

4- nuclear testinghas a long history , beginning in 1945.

5- Its purpose was to develop seismic methods for detecting underground nuclear testing.

6- That is one of the benefits of nuclear testing.

7- Amchitka is no longer used for nuclear testing.

8- nuclear testingand black-market trade in sensitive nuclear materials continue.

9- Let's get rid of all this nuclear testing.

10- For that we have committed a voluntary moratorium on nuclear testing.

11- August 1985, the Soviet Union announces a nuclear testingmoratorium.

12- March 30: Soviet Union suspends atmospheric nuclear testing.

13- The treaty permitted underground nuclear testing.

14- A number of large conventional explosions have been conducted for nuclear testingpurposes.

15- There is also the issue of nuclear testingin the Pacific.

16- Manhattan Project scientists argued that further nuclear testingwas unnecessary and environmentally dangerous.

17- Aug 29 was the International Day Against nuclear testing.

18- In October, 1961, the USSR resumed its own nuclear testing.

19- A Labour government should cancel the fourth and end all British nuclear testing.

20- The Toronto native joined a Sierra Club protest against nuclear testingin 1969.

21- Katherine Harrison and Matthew Hughes examine the Soviet approach to nuclear testing.

22- Underground nuclear testingrefers to test detonations of nuclear weapons that are performed underground.

23- In 1961 the family sailed to the USSR to protest Soviet nuclear testing.

24- The Cuban Missile Crisis and nuclear testingwere consuming the world's attention.

25- President Jacques Chirac announces a "definitive end" to French nuclear testing.

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Nuclear testing in a sentence