1- Health advocates in the U.

2- S.

3- recently applauded the decision by the Los Angeles school district to ban the sale of soft drinks in schools.

4- Aesop once noted that men often applaud an imitation, and hiss the real thing.

5- On his deathbed, Beethoven was heard to say, "applaud friends, the comedy is over.

6- "The fans rose to their feet and applauded loudly as the musicians left the stage.

7- applianceWe applauded the performer.

8- His nervousness at being on stage melted when he heard the audience applaud.

9- With one accord the audience stood up and applauded.

10- Find someone who has a big appetite.

11- applaudThe audience applauded him, which means his performance was a success.

12- As soon as the new teacher entered the classroom, the students began to applaud.

13- An Italian proverb states, "applaud the man who cheats a cheater.

14- "I think Frederick should be applauded for his courage in refusing to let the boss push him around.

15- The crowd stood up to applaud when the goal was scored.

16- The whole audience got up and started to applaud.

17- As I entered the room, they applauded.

18- eastasiastudentThe Chinese are said to be enthusiastic applauders, and may greet guests with group clapping.

19- The audience applauded wildly when the band appeared on stage.

20- The audience applauded the performer.

21- Both of which are applauded for the quality of the voice acting.

22- By then, spectators were heading for the cotton-candy stand, applauding the ride.

23- Civil rights advocates weren't the only ones applauding Vodafone's actions.

24- 'I really applaud Don for grappling with this,'' Oberman said.

25- Most business groups applauded the deal.

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