1- aboveground storage tanks (AST) differ from underground (UST) storage tanks in the kinds of regulations that are applied.

2- Air Force Systems Command conducted the final Peacekeeper launch from the aboveground TP-01 launch pad on 30 June 1985.

3- The subsequent trebuchet attack scatters the Narnian archers and collapses the entrance to the How, trapping the Narnians aboveground.

4- Lusail's plans include both an underground and aboveground train network, which will be fully integrated with a new rail system in Doha itself.

5- This pinnately leaved, non-spiny genus includes both small palms lacking an aboveground stem and large trees.

6- Plants generally absorb and translocate relatively small amounts of arsenic into aboveground parts.

7- At the same time the coordination with aboveground planning, development strategy and foresight is discussed.

8- The aboveground part of C. lanceolata had the highest ash free caloric value in Sophora viciifolia community and the lowest in Hippophae rhamnoides community.

9- But all of this is only the aboveground portion of the great massif that is City College.

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