1- His abrupt departureleft her close to collapse.

2- The text gives us no reason for his abrupt departure.

3- He asked me if I was offended at his abrupt departure.

4- Peter was disappointed by his brother's abrupt departureand blamed himself.

5- It marked an abrupt departurefrom the highly structured compositions of his past.

6- Paar's abrupt departureleft his startled announcer to finish the broadcast himself.

7- How on earth was he to explain his abrupt departureto the family?

8- Many of the Zamalek fans were angry with Shikabala's abrupt departure.

9- Nora's abrupt departurehad, at first, the desired effect upon John.

10- As it cleared , Fabius could see the reason for his abrupt departure.

11- Her abrupt departurecomes during a federal investigation into the company's payment practices to doctors.

12- Ezri Dax was added to the show after the abrupt departureof Terry Farrell.

13- Pardon me for an abrupt departure, those pesky Hobbits are digging up my carrots again.

14- As she started to stand up Lisa was aware that she had not intended this abrupt departure.

15- Grainger wrote that the reason for this abrupt departurewas "to give mother a change".

16- With the abrupt departureof its CEO, General Motors is taking a new road with some unexpected turns.

17- THE UGLY industrial dispute at Timex entered a new chapter yesterday with the abrupt departureof company president Peter Hall.

18- Cheryl in particular is devastated by Gilly's abrupt departureand begs for him to stay, but he refuses.

19- After the abrupt departureof McDowell, Mike Kruczek was named UCF's new head coach on an interim basis.

20- David filled her dreams; the ecstasy of their lovemaking, and the pain and bewilderment of his abrupt departure.

21- Kaplan repeatedly clashed with CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and was presumed responsible for his abrupt departurefrom the network in 1999.

22- Political missteps dragged Kennedy down in the polls, and his abrupt departurein June 2001 put Lynch in the lead.

23- Tessa Peake-Jones plays Imelda Cousins, Acting CEO of Holby who was drafted in following the abrupt departureof Henrik Hannsen.

24- A search has reopened for a new person to lead Tampa Bay & Co. after the abrupt departureof the last guy .

25- And when asked about the reaction of the players to Seip's abrupt departureon Saturday, he said: "They were bitterly disappointed with his disrespect for them." Mathias Doumbe was a late call-up to the Argyle bench against Charlton to replace Seip, and along with Russell Anderson and Krisztian Timar will compete for the two centre-back spots for the final four games of the season.

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