1- The absence of gravitystimulation of the otoliths reduces the torsional vestibulo-ocular reflex during head roll rotation in microgravity.

2- In the absence of gravity, propellant transfer is somewhat more difficult, since liquids can float away from the inlet.

3- In the absence of gravityand other external forces, a test particle moves along a straight line at a constant speed.

4- The first long-term programme dealing with the consequences of the absence of gravitywas developed already in 1973 by the NASA Skylab.

5- Although astronauts have always been required to exercise on a daily basis, developing resistance training in the absence of gravityhas proved difficult.

6- The spring and damping forces are assumed to act on the centroid and depend linearly on the displacement vector ( r ) and the velocity vector ( r& ), which can be described using the 33 matrices K and D: fS = K r f D = D r& (1),(2) The origin of the sensor coordinate system is defined as the equilibrium position of the centroid (C) of the mass in the absence of gravityand magnetic forces.

7- Zero-g is subtly different from the complete absence of gravity, something which is impossible due to the presence of gravity everywhere in the universe.

8- Proper acceleration reduces to coordinate acceleration in an inertial coordinate system in flat spacetime (i.e. in the absence of gravity), provided the magnitude of the object's proper-velocity (momentum per unit mass) is much less than the speed of light "c".

9- These bacteria have been the subject of many experiments: they have even been aboard the Space Shuttle to examine their magnetotactic properties in the absence of gravity, but a definitive conclusion was not reached.

10- In the absence of gravity, the forces must only be such as to overcome the capillary and the drag of the returning vapor through its channels.


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