1- The male absenteepopulation comprises about 87 percent.

2- Finding quality tenants is extra important for absenteelandlords.

3- More autocratic and more absenteethan before.

4- Large estates owned by absenteeplanters were managed by local agents.

5- The absenteeballot was introduced as well.

6- They may also vote by absenteeballot.

7- Thirteen blacks cast absenteeballots this year .

8- The south lacked entrepreneurs, and absenteelandlords were common.

9- Overseas absenteevoters refer to Filipinos residing abroad.

10- Any registered Maryland voter may vote by absenteeballot.

11- Two more states are considering accepting emailed absenteeballots from those groups.

12- No-excuse permanent absenteevoting is allowed in 4 states.

13- His figures do not include absenteeand military ballots.

14- There are these tempting things called absenteeballots, for starters.

15- How do I return my absenteeballot?

16- When can I request an absenteeballot?

17- What information must I provide to request an absenteeballot?

18- How do I request an absenteeballot?

19- The close tally meant that absenteeballots would decide the race.

20- This resulted in a record number of absenteeballots.

21- Mail ballots are similar in many respects to an absenteeballot.

22- It has " absenteeowner" written all over it.

23- The bills allow a person to pick up multiple absenteeapplications .

24- Besides most states have easy to access absenteeballots .

25- These estates are mostly in the hands of absenteelandlords.

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