1- In fact the client sounded quite abrupt!

2- What is being done about abruptclimate change?

3- The abruptquestion was laced with impatience.

4- His abruptconfession left me somewhat bewildered.

5- The author uses humor and abruptconfrontation.

6- Scientific understanding of abruptclimate change is generally poor.

7- Our image adjustment was abruptand severe .

8- But his abruptweight loss is telling .

9- The departure was abrupt, without explanation.

10- The abruptchange from legacy to trust is very striking.

11- It is let down somewhat by it fairly abruptending.

12- This also helps you avoid being abrupt.

13- But the abruptpolitical transition quickly turned into disaster.

14- Acute renal failure has an abruptonset and is potentially reversible.

15- This is a very abruptand obvious edit.

16- His abruptdeparture left her close to collapse.

17- An abruptchange of subject is another sign of dishonesty.

18- His abruptobjection implied that my suggestion was absurd.

19- Acute with a sharp rather abruptending point.

20- Often the beginnings and endings are abrupt.

21- Heavy industry came to an abrupthalt.

22- Soon growing infantry casualties brought every advance to an abruptend.

23- The car came to an abrupthalt.

24- This might entail using abruptchanges in the instruction.

25- This was an abruptchange in policy.

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