1- These demographic factors are often associated withgenerational buying trends.

2- The magical equipment associated withromance magicians is varied.

3- There are hazards associated withhouse design .

4- There are hazards associated withsharp equipment .

5- But approximately 30 different types are associated withgenital infection.

6- Lead toxicity is often associated withdepression.

7- High tissue copper levels are intimately associated withdepression.

8- Evidence suggests various health problems associated withregular coffee drinking.

9- There are many health risks associated withheroin abuse.

10- This condition is sometimes associated withabnormal bleeding.

11- It is usually associated withoppressed minorities.

12- That is why fair weather is often associated withhigh pressure.

13- Excessive alcohol consumption has been associated withhigh blood pressure.

14- Time spent reading is associated withattitudes toward additional reading.

15- A high is usually associated withfair weather.

16- There is status associated withsuch knowledge.

17- They are often heavily associated withspirits.

18- Several different symptoms are typically associated withrespiratory tract infections.

19- They are always associated withhigh energy systems.

20- The number 5 is associated withmovement.

21- It is usually associated withdry weather.

22- Bottle feeding is strongly associated withear infections.

23- Rising income levels are associated withincreased protein consumption.

24- All surgery carries risks associated withanesthesia.

25- Water has always been associated withpower.

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