1- I found myself wishing for close companionship.

2- He soon realizes he misses human companionship.

3- A few months later companionshipturned to romance.

4- Men will find companionshipwith virtual wives.

5- Nevertheless she went along to avoid being left without human companionship.

6- Your companionshipand friendship we much enjoyed.

7- They are usually kept for companionshipor enjoyment .

8- Be assured of positive results with pet companionship.

9- Marie's children gave her great companionship.

10- It is companionship, being wanted and wanting someone else.

11- Norman's companionshipwas something he valued.

12- You enjoy companionshipand like to please others.

13- Your husband is clearly saying he needs and wants your companionship.

14- This companionshiphas even made Lucky more trusting of humans.

15- Even a being such as he needed companionship.

16- His companionshipcould no longer satisfy her.

17- He provides her with much needed intellectual companionshipand attention.

18- It is bred for protection, guarding and companionship.

19- She found companionshipwhere she least looked for it.

20- So companionshipis something i bring to His life.

21- Had his lack of female companionshipcaused a hunger?

22- A constructive companionshipbetween teachers and students has to be developed.

23- Horses behave as herd animals and need companionshipto thrive.

24- There is no need to sacrifice yourself respect for companionship.

25- Living with someone offers companionshipas well .

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