1- He is on trial for the murder of his business partner.

2- She is on trial for trying to defraud her insurance company after faking a back injury.

3- freakNow, the boy's foster father is on trial for second-degree murder in his death.

4- A third female suspect, Beate Zschšpe, has been on trial for months in Munich.

5- All three men are on trial for attempted arson.

6- Another man is on trial for obstruction of justice.

7- But he is not on trial for that offense, they wrote.

8- But now, she was going on trial for murder.

9- He died inside this home years ago and his wife is now on trial for killing him.

10- He escaped from jail in Colorado twice while on trial for murder.

11- In this world of self-branding, we are constantly on trial for a job we haven't even applied for yet.

12- Michael Dunn, 47, a white software engineer, is on trial for the death of Davis, 17, an African-American.

13- On Monday, shooting suspect James Holmes goes on trial for 165 counts, including murder and attempted murder charges.

14- Schettino is on trial for multiple manslaughter, causing a maritime disaster and abandoning ship.

15- The murder and arson trial for Bob Leonard will be held in Fort Wayne in Allen County, a judge ruled Friday.

16- They are on trial for the charges in Saskatoon Provincial Court.

17- Allison returned to her hometown after Selena went on trial for Lucas's murder.

18- Bosnic is on trial for inspiring and recruiting young Muslims to fight in Syria.

19- Eventually 26 were put on trial for what observers in Egypt considered "contradictory" and "weak" charges.

20- Gervase is then put on trial for killing one of Colley's men during the ambush, and is found guilty and sentenced to death.

21- In doing so, he overturned a lower court's attempt to put her on trial for attempted suicide.

22- Marty Stroud: Here they are in a murder trial in Louisiana where a man was on trial for his life.

23- Rita went on trial for the death of Cyrus Granger but on the night in question Roger and Rita were making love.

24- The 18-year-old woman is on trial for second-degree murder in Gallant's death.

25- The trio are on trial for stealing chickens but are found not guilty due to apparently insufficient evidence.

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