1- Car accidents, and snowboarding are the two most common sources of whiplash injuries, according to medical statistics.

2- One of the most commonly used measures of social inequality is occupational prestige.

3- most common sports drinks are the equivalent of sugar-sweetened human sweat.

4- They have the same salt concentration as sweat, but are less salty than your blood.

5- The most common pets in the USA are now cats, which have replaced dogs as the favorite.

6- When people talk about drug abuse, they never seem to include alcoholism or smoking, which are probably the most common forms of drug abuse in our society.

7- incomeResearch suggests that cults are most common in areas where conventional churches are weakest.

8- Punk hairstyles which used to shock people a few years ago now seem almost commonplace.

9- The four materials most commonly used in construction of bridges over the ages are wood, stone, iron, and concrete.

10- The most common blood type for humans is A.

11- The least common is AB.

12- The most common injury in car accidents where someone is rear-ended is whiplash.

13- Last year, the most common first names for boys in this country were Matthew and Joshua.

14- Skin color is the most commonly used criterion for racial classifications.

15- One of the most common accidents which occur aboard airliners is when a laptop computer falls on someone's head from an overhead storage bin.

16- One of the most commonly used measures of social inequality is occupational prestige.

17- Oily rags are the most common cause of spontaneous combustion, in which fires suddenly start for no obvious reason.

18- The most common disease in the world is tooth decay.

19- Wayne Dyer once observed that procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.

20- The most common symptoms of the flu are fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

21- The most common type of plastic used is that which is made into plastic bottles and bags.

22- Criminologists believe that the reduction in violent crime in this country is due to the fact that our population is aging, and our birth rate is down, so there are fewer people of the age that most commonly commit crimes.

23- From the 1850s to the 1880s, the most common cause of death among cowboys in the American West was being dragged by a horse while caught in the stirrups.

24- Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in menstruating women.

25- The verb 'help' takes toinfinitives and bare infinitives but bare infinitives are said to be the most common in casual textDiscussion question: What is the most common symbol of your country, and what does it represent for you?The most commonly consumed drug in North America is caffeine.

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