administration in a sentence

a plucky lampooner of the administration.

Too much time is spent on administration.

He has a Master's in Business Administration.

He's in charge of administration at the hospital.

The health service spends too much on administration.

Barack Obama's sung united states senate administration.

The economic troubles antedate the current administration.

We're looking for someone with experience in administration.

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The college loses a lot of money through poor administration.

The company built a new HQ to centralize their administration.

The heat is on the administration to come up with a new policy.

Keeping noise levels low is the bane of airport administration.

Some students enter other professions such as arts administration.

All things considered, I decided to major in business administration.

The vaccine has been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The administration cannot but look for alternative sources of revenue.

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There was a huge gap between aim and achievement in the Carter administration.

He argues that the administration must look for alternative sources of revenue.

I came to congress as a freshman in the first administration of Woodrow Wilson.

The administration has fallen into step with its European allies on this issue.

We think it is expedient to make a good-will gesture to the new administration.

Johnson Administration followed Kennedys policy and made Vietnam War escalated.

I came to Congress as a freshman in the first Administration of Woodrow Wilson.

And if the Clinton administration does succeed in withdrawing the tax deduction?

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The Prime Minister appointed some new ministers to ginger up her administration.

There will be no sabotage of the civil service program during my administration.

Until now the Bush administration has refused to participate in such a programme.

The negotiators hoped to effect a smooth transition to an interim administration.

In London Christopher Gibbs has sold his stock and Partridge is in administration.

What you actually receive is net of deductions for the airfare and administration.

Firstly, why should a voluntary arrangement have to mimic an Administration Order?

The Small Business Administration has a kit for people who want to start business.

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Second, he or she will have a large amount of day-to-day administration to oversee.

The day-to-day administration is the task of the secretariat of the stock exchange.

Therefore, this topic for small business administration has practical significance.

The present administration has demonstrated little regard for environmental issues.

But the administration faces two high hurdles in efforts to get the treaty ratified.

He should assail the stronger with weapons, fire, and the administration of poisons.

Right of mining is a usufruct, not a behavior right permitted by the administration.

Both the Senate and the administration seemed powerless to stem the tide of hysteria.

_ad5_It is hoped that the incoming administration will inject some life into Capitol Hill.

Panel A shows the basal state before any administration of fluid to a normal subject.

Public administration can be best identified with the executive branch of government.

They married into the nobility and entered the highest ranks of state administration.

The Clinton administration took some credit for the growth in nonprofit organisations.

Social security administration is an important part of public security administration.

The concurrent administration of disulfiram may result in toxic levels of these drugs.

The Clinton administration said the agreement does not require congressional approval.

_ad6_Food-throwing by a top administration official in the Roosevelt Room is not a big deal?

These are not necessarily merely the left-over business from a previous administration.

I was now faced with the administration of a problem of almost mind-boggling complexity.

The general administration of the trust is ordinarily carried out in the United Kingdom.

The administration has officially asked transportation workers to call off their strike.

Naturalization Service has handled skyrocketing growth during the Clinton administration.

These functions can be much more streamlined as a result, with less human administration.

Administration officials have said he was given the job at the behest of the White House.

_ad7_The administration has delinked human rights from economic aid to under developed nations.

The federal parliament also cocked a snook at the United Nations administration in Kosovo.

In the meantime, having placated conservative critics, the Bush administration is waiting.

With such a majority, the administration was emboldened to introduce radical new policies.

What they get from infomercials is simplification in administration, collection and sales.

Mr Obama 's administration , meanwhile , has been shackled by an unusually obstreperous legislature .

The union has been unable to reach a settlement with the administration, and has asked for the services of a well-known mediator.

Since the act forced participation of the State's executive in the actual administration of a federal program , it was unconstitutional.

_ad8_The subdivision of stock into subject groups calls for flexible and adroit administration.The University Administration decided to set up a branch campus in New York.

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