above in a sentence

See above.

He is above lying.

God above helped us.

She is above praise.

A bird soared above.

He is above suspicion.

I live above my means.

The bird soared above.

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My room is just above.

I'm above telling lies.

A rock fell from above.

He loves dogs above all.

I flew above the clouds.

He lives above his means.

He is above telling lies.

My bedroom is just above.

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I'd like it above my ears.

He is above telling a lie.

Her bedroom is just above.

A major is above a captain.

She spoke above her breath.

Fuji was above the clouds.

The clouds above moved fast.

He likes swimming above all.

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He says he is above failure.

Her dress is above the knee.

It's all above board, Rosie.

She did not act above board.

Good health is above wealth.

See the example given above.

Stars shine above in the sky.

The stars twinkled above her.

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phizHe is above all meanness.

His alibi is above suspicion.

He is far above me in skiing.

He is a little above himself.

He is above asking questions.

He is above deceiving others.

Her behavior is above praise.

Her lecture is above my head.

_ad5_She is certainly above forty.

He got assistance from above.

Above all, I love Mark Twain.

I live in a flat above a shop.

Do not live above your income.

The sky above was a deep blue.

My grade is above the average.

Aim a little above the target.

_ad6_The sun rises above the houses.

The sun rose above the horizon.

His conduct is above suspicion.

He is above doing such a thing.

She values health above wealth.

I want to fly above the clouds.

Her coat blouses above the hip.

We are flying above the clouds.

_ad7_The stars are glittering above.

Above all else I hate the cold.

The sun rose above the mountain.

His behavior is above suspicion.

His bravery is above all praise.

He is a cut above his neighbors.

She is honest and above bribery.

The plane flew above the clouds.

_ad8_The sun rises above the horizon.

Be open and above board with me.

The king was an above board man.

We were flying above the clouds.

He is above meanness and deceit.

He is above meanness and fiddle.

The clock is above the fireplace.

I saw the moon above the horizon.

_ad9_A plane is flying above the city.

Birds are flying above the trees.

He is above such stupid behavior.

She is above me in the hierarchy.

She's rented a room above a shop.

A clock must be above all correct.

The bullet entered above the knee.

His voice was heard above the din.

_ad10_Everything he did was above board.

He raised his arms above his head.

A neon sign flashed above the door.

The sun is shining above our heads.

His explanation was quite above me.

He is immediately above me in rank.

He rises above the rest of mankind.

She lives in an apartment above us.

_ad11_I rise above abasement at the word.

Lower towline 1 meters above water.

As a businessman he is far above me.

He values honor above anything else.

They are not of above taking bribes.

High mountains rise above the plain.

I prize my library above my kingdom.

I value my freedom above all things.

_ad12_My business dealing are above board.

The deal was completely above board.

The sun has risen above the horizon.

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