about in a sentence

He sent about .

About two weeks.

He looked about.

I worry about him.

How about running?

Tell me about him.

He is about forty.

He came about two.

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What is she about?

I got up about six.

What about farming?

He is about thirty.

He is about my age.

I feel se about it.

How about tomorrow?

I told Dad about it.

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What about the rash?

He is about my size.

I got up about five.

They make up about .

He is mad about you.

She is about my age.

How about the taste?

I've heard about it.

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Don't worry about us.

it's about the party.

I met him about noon.

I weigh about kilos.

He is about your age.

I talked about music.

I walked about a mile.

I'm about ready to go.

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He set about the work.

He was about to start.

He is mad about music.

He set about his work.

I go to bed about ten.

I like that about you.

He lied about his age.

He was about to speak.

_ad5_I am crazy about golf.

She is about to leave.

They came round about.

Is she anywhere about?

About dinner time, Rev.

Go about your business.

Don't trouble about me.

He must be about forty.

_ad6_He is nervous about it.

He is mad about tennis.

They talked about love.

I feel guilty about it.

She was about to start.

How about for tomorrow?

I'm thinking about you.

There was nobody about.

_ad7_There was no one about.

I had a dream about him.

Is it about ten o'clock?

He is about weeks old.

The sun is about to set.

He is keen about skiing.

He made a joke about it.

They are about to start.

_ad8_ I feel guilty about it.

Don't tell her about it.

I feel at ease about it.

I'm sure about his name.

How about taking a nap?

I must go about my work.

Don't buzz about my ears.

Don't worry about others.

_ad9_The sun was about to set.

The sun is about to rise.

Don't worry about my dog.

I know nothing about him.

He went about with a bag.

He is crazy about skiing.

Don't nose about my room.

He is mad about football.

_ad10_He is up and about again.

He jumped about the room.

I know nothing about her.

I am about to leave here.

How about tomorrow night?

We danced about the fire.

You worry about yourself.

I went about with my dog.

_ad11_I'm serious about my job.

What is he talking about?

We're about to have lunch.

I walked about the street.

Don't be so glum about it.

We make the total about $.

The sun was about to rise.

I will tell you about him.

_ad12_He's coy about his income.

He looked about the house.

He dreamed about his home.

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