The in a sentence

I bought this racket two months ago.

Sixteen divided by two equals eight.

The two came to the same conclusion.

The two men were released from jail.

My father passed away two years ago.

two men were fighting on the street.

He is the more able of the two boys.

Do you know either of the two girls?

two detectives followed the suspect.

He mediated between the two parties.

I arrived in Kobe around two thirty.

I enjoyed watching TV for two hours.

I am learning two foreign languages.

I took two aspirins for my headache.

She died two days after his arrival.

They had gone there two days before.

My aunt has been dead for two years.

I have been on a diet for two weeks.

In the woods, she met with two sers.

He will be in New York for two weeks.

Taro is the taller of the two boys.CP

I've had full dentures for two years.

two sheep were killed by a wolf.mamat

After lunch we have two more classes.

I paid two thousand yen for the book.

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