The in a sentence

He is two hundred pounds in weight.

two hundred dollars is a lot to me.

He has been studying for two hours.

The graduation is two months ahead.

He has to take two science classes.

He grasped the rope with two hands.

I have been studying for two hours.

He has been in Japan for two years.

I bought two tickets for a concert.

I owe two months' rent for my room.

She visited Kanazawa two years ago.

I ran upstairs two steps at a time.

I have been in Japan for two months.

I spent two hours playing the piano.

We two became acquainted at a party.

They were separated into two groups.

He walked two miles in half an hour.

He exchanged his cow for two horses.

For two weeks from tomorrow, please.

She has a husband and two daughters.

I get two hour's exercise every day.

He said two or three words and left.

He stayed at the hotel for two days.

He is the older of the two.blay_paul

I entered this school two years ago.

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