The in a sentence

the nicotine in cigarettes is extremely toxic, and has been classified as the most addictive drug in existence.

One observer of the culture of Ghana remarked that Ghanaians are addicted to ceremonies.

Wow, these salted peanuts are addictive! Pass the bag back over here.

Too many children in this country are leaving home in the morning without having eaten an adequate meal.

Local parents are concerned over the adequacy of the school's program for children with special needs.

the equipment at the worksite was barely adequate to the job we had to do.

Recent research suggests that children born to teenage mothers are more likely to be poor, and to receive inadequate healthcare and education.

Twenty pounds should be more than adequate compensation for the work she did.

the obvious inadequacy of this government's attempts to deal with poverty in our society is a disgrace.

Adequate nutrition is essential to the proper physical development of growing children.

the project has been canceled due to a lack of adequate funds.

Electrical output in this country is sometimes inadequate during a cold winter, due to the increase in demand.

She wasn't adequately prepared for the test, and got a terrible mark as a result.

the money we have put aside should be adequate for your first year of university.

Funding for the arts in this state is embarrassingly inadequate.

the economy of Turkmenistan suffers from the continued lack of adequate export routes for the nation's natural gas.

the students told the teacher that they felt they didn't have adequate time to finish the test.

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