The in a sentence

He brought her to our place.

We talked over our problems.

our effort ended in failure.

Let's go back to our places.

We invited him to our house.

She accepted our invitation.

He's going to join our club.

He turned down our proposal.

We must make up our minds, and soon!

Let's drink to our charming hostess!

The enemy answered our fire.

We've already done our work.

our class consists of boys.

She attracted our attention.

our diet is full of variety.

our plan will work out well.

our classroom was kept tidy.

our boat won by two lengths.

Do you agree to our proposal?

our house stands by the road.

our school encourages sports.

our plan resulted in failure.

our teacher looks very young.

Why don't you join our party?

He is our next door neighbor.

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