The in a sentence

He spoke yet more harshly.

He had no more than , yen.

She is more shy than cold.

He has no more than , yen.

Drink less and sleep more.

You can make more tomorrow.

I like dogs more than cats.

I looked it over once more.

Could I have some more tea?

She has not more than yen.

I like bread more than rice.

He's smoking more than ever.

She is no more than a child.

He is more clever than wise.

He is more crafty than wise.

We are more or less selfish.

He is more gentle than kind.

He has more books than I do.

I will not see him any more.

We should be more talkative.

She is more famous than you.

I don't want to eat any more.

She is more gentle than kind.

He is more lucky than clever.

I waited more than two hours.

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