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Karen inflated her costs when she applied for a student loan in order to be sure to get enough money for the school yearBecause of inflation, prices have gone up considerably for almost everything.

Karen inflated her costs when she applied for a student loan in order to be sure to get enough money for the school year.

The inflationary pressures of increasing salaries are bound to affect the economy.

Analysts say that inflation could rise by as much as 10% a month as the economy struggles with its failing currency.

Due to inflation, my salary is actually lower in value than it was a year ago.

The cost has been inflated because of the increase in demand.

The prices for food and drinks at the cinema are really inflated because they know people can't shop elsewhere once they buy their movie tickets.

They inflated all the balloons with helium.

Low inflation has resulted in increased consumer confidence.

During the American Revolution, inflation was so great that the price of corn rose 10,000 percent, the price of wheat 14,000 percent, the price of flour 15,000 percent, and the price of beef 33,000 percent.

During the early 1920s, at the height of inflation in the German Weimar Republic, one American dollar was equal to 4 trillion German marks.

You should check the tire inflation on your car when the tires are cold.

Making sure the tires on your car are properly inflated will help you to reduce the amount of gas you use.

Will Rogers once joked, Invest in inflation. It is the only thing going up.

In 1994, the currency of the African nation of Benin was devalued by 50% and the country subsequently suffered under inflation of 55%.

The population of Djibouti has been inflated by tens of thousands of refugees from Somalia and Ethiopia.

In April of 1989, Argentina, hit by hyper-inflation, literally ran out of money, leaving thousands of people without any cash.

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