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In old China, capitalists exploited the poor by making them work for almost nothingA lot of rich people exploit the poor to get their money.

In old China, capitalists exploited the poor by making them work for almost nothing.

The exploitation of children in developing countries will continue as long as people are willing to buy products at a low price without caring about why they are so cheap.

The region has yet to be exploited for its newly discovered gold and silver resources.

Hugh Hefner's sexual exploits have been well-publicized in his magazine Playboy.

The young man was able to exploit the old woman's illness by getting her to pay him large sums of money to clean and maintain her home.

The government appears to want to exploit its recent success in passing this popular legislation by calling an immediate election.

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said that under capitalism, man exploits man, but under communism it's just the opposite.

The beaver was Canada's first natural resource to be exploited by the Europeans.

Some people suggest that pornography empowers women, while other believe that it exploits them.

The government seems to be exploiting the environment of fear which has arisen as a result of the terrorist attacks on New York to introduce some laws which seriously curtail civil rights.

The development of tools increases people's capacity to exploit their environment.

Tunisia is rich in mineral wealth, but its exploitation of this resource is a relatively new industry.

The only mineral that is exploited on an industrial scale in Fiji is gold.

The country of North Korea is almost completely unexploited by commercial tourism.

In 1998, a poll showed that that a large majority of people in Britain believed that the late Princess Diana's memory was being exploited, with 80% saying that her image was being used in ways which demonstrated bad taste.

The discovery and exploitation of large oil reserves in Equatorial Guinea have contributed to dramatic economic growth in the country.

Economic activity in the area of the Arctic Ocean is limited to the exploitation of natural resources, including petroleum, natural gas, fish, and seals.

Easily manipulated and exploited, children are often forced into serving as soldiers in some countries.

Karl Marx believed that the masses of workers are exploited by a small, privileged elite, who control most of the wealth.

Discussion question: Do you consider all forms of child labor to be exploitation?

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