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This subsection is in no ways a comprehensive section on the physics of sound but has the basic information that will suffice for introductory learning.

The new reflectivity only radars provided meteorologists with basic information and helped identify potentially severe storms but due to the nature of weather radar, most precipitation is detected at a height of 1 kilometre or more above the ground.

It also reduces the decision down to the basic information required (note the etymology from the French word minuet meaning small).

Part 1 of the Fan Application Manual, this publication provides basic information necessary for the design of energy efficient air systems.

Basic information on cellular communication in health and disease provides the basis for the development and testing of novel therapeutic agents.

There is usually also a FAQ section contain basic information for new members and people not yet familiar with the use and principles of a forum (generally tailored for specific forum software).

The IOHC placed basic information about processed interviews conducted between 1969 and 1998 on its website.

Where it can access appropriate public data, it also provides basic information on a given home, such as square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Basic information about the college Part A: Summary Information about the college How effective is the college?

This website will be developed over the coming year - this page provides basic information in the interim period.

Some basic information on different types of investment that may be used to repay capital at the end of a mortgage term, is set out below.

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