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Football has a strong tradition within the school and the helmet is a basic element of this example.

The basic element to this strategy is designed to prevent one from taking too much damage while still harassing the enemy.

The National Board of Health and Welfare also writes as follows: "The paediatric medical assessment comprises the basic element of the medical age investigation.

This is the most basic element of any web site.

The role of social science in development processes Empowerment and emancipation needed as a basic element of a balanced and sustainable development.

I think the basic element here, which ties research to the rest of the team, is the market.

Back in Sochi, a company called Basic Element, which is owned by billionaire Oleg Deripaska, is trying to sell seaside condos that housed the Olympic athletes.

The long-term solution requires comprehensive immigration reform, to bring millions of undocumented Americans out of the shadows and grant them access to the basic element of enfranchisement: a driver's license.

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