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The term "nanotechnology"was first defined by Norio Taniguchi of the Tokyo Science University in a 1974 paper Norio Taniguchi, "On the Basic Concept of 'Nano-Technology',"Proc.

Basic concept Architecture of a NUMA system.

Wii version Main article: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Wii) Building on the control system of its predecessor, PES 2009 expands on the basic concept of players controlling both the player with the ball and those around them.

Conventional designs The basic concept of any engine bell is to efficiently direct the flow of exhaust gases from the rocket engine into one direction.

Basic Concept Non-Extractive, Document-Centric Parsing Traditionally, a lexical analyzer represents tokens (the small units of indivisible character values) as discrete string objects.

201 Airlift Squadron (DC ANG), under command of Col Woody Akins, originated the basic concept for a web-based fatigue risk management tool which returns quantitative fatigue analysis for given flight schedule.

Plan outline The basic concept behind the plan, was initially stated to be to reduce 30,000 years of Galactic barbarism, to under 1,000, and establish a Second Galactic Empire.

It is well known that the basic concept of currency evolved in order to facilitate exchange.

The basic concept is the same: four heroes venture into a dungeon to fight monsters and gain treasure, but the rules are more detailed and complex.

After NTSC Geer continued to work on his basic concept for some time, as well as other television related concepts.

The basic concept was to use reliable, low-cost, relatively low-technology IC processes, and pack a large number of projects per wafer, with just a few copies of each projects' chips.

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