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Bion argues that in every group, two groups are actually present: the work group, and the basic assumption group.

Since one basic assumption is saturation, this reproduction has to happen at the cost of another random individual from the urn which is removed.

Free Music assumes a moving tone, precluding any harmonic stability and working with it is difficult since almost every basic assumption about musical relationships and method must be ignored.

The basic assumption in noweb is that a human being will identify definitions using the @ %def mumble foo quux construct.

In both guises I have always taken it as a basic assumption that journalists in Britain operate under a range of restrictions that make the practice of their profession (or craft) more difficult than in most other liberal democracies.

There are now five or six whole classes of objects that violate this absolutely basic assumption.

It got more attention because the shock value--the amount of raw fear that comes when a basic assumption that underpins our world crumbles--was so much higher.

Not only are we to see a change of power in the Presidential Office and the Legislative Yuan, voters should also prepare to welcome a new political era; one in which real independence is the basic assumption.

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