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This means providing good quality care with appropriate treatment and supports while providing choice of location to the patient.

The Centre for Clinical Practice develops evidence-based clinical guidelines for clinicians on the appropriate treatment of people with specific diseases.

This places extreme importance and pressure on the individual responding to "immediately life-threatening"calls to make the correct diagnosis and administer the appropriate treatment.

These situations can be dealt with in two ways: - Regular monitoring of the showerheads/outlets for signs of Legionella and appropriate treatment when detected. - Regular hot water disinfection when the system is not in use.

Without the right diagnosis, the appropriate treatment cannot be given.

The fundamental tool is muscle testing, which is used to analyse the imbalances and select the appropriate treatment from the range of possibilities which make up Health Kinesiology.

In this way, the most appropriate treatment modality or scheduling can be selected, and the potential success of each treatment maximised.

He has strongly argued that asylum seekers with HIV cannot be housed at random around the country but need to be near culturally-appropriate treatment services and have particular housing needs.

Some centres state that they would provide appropriate treatment but they cannot get the funding from the NHS.

This way, appropriate treatment should be prescribed that shouldn't affect or alter your fertility in any other way.

Osteoporosis pilot Community nurse working with a GP practice identifying at risk patients, screening and overseeing appropriate treatment, programme.

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