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IHCD will cease to exist late in 2008, and NHS ambulance trusts are considering how to maintain appropriate skills levels.

Exploring and Responding - Pupils will develop appropriate skills for exploring religions and life-experiences and for responding personally to their investigations.

The book identifies and describes the appropriate skills which should be used at different stages of the counselling process.

The British School of Homoeopathy will also be producing an ongoing newsletter showing detailed cases and their solution, demonstrating all the appropriate skills that a practitioner needs.

Places investigation within a Formulates a focus for the Collects field data using particular part of Geography. investigation in the form of a appropriate skills, techniques Locates the investigation in a hypothesis or question. and equipment.

With a focus on the commercial application of technology, it supports a wide range of Career Opportunities through the development of appropriate skills.

Central Resources The issues around skills and manpower may be addressed by the setting up of a centrally funded resource team with the appropriate skills and experience to plan and manage the collaborative projects needed to take forward this community.

Due to the shortage of pharmacists with the appropriate skills, those practices showing a large overspend in the last financial year and/or those practices achieving poor scores under the Prescribing Incentive Scheme have been targeted for support.

How do you ensure that all staff have the appropriate skills to use ICT resources effectively?

"The programme, which is funded through the Training and Employment Agency, presents a wonderful opportunity for graduates to quickly attain appropriate skills and for industry to play a part in shaping their development."

In each commission, one Director is directly responsible to the client at all times for a project team selected for their appropriate skills and expertise.

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