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Only proof of contact (with the appropriate level of intention or negligence) needs to be made.

Continuity/Transition Management - transitioning of the patient to the appropriate level of care needed.

Noting the Lexile measure of a text can assist in selecting "targeted materials that present an appropriate level of challenge for a reader - not too difficult to be frustrating, yet difficult enough to challenge a reader and encourage reading growth.

In other words, for each staffing level or adjective class, there should be a management action that addresses the dispatch of suppression resources that constitutes an appropriate level of response.

You can choose the appropriate level easily and pupils will not be aware of the subtle differentiation used.

We find the setting allows us to develop and challenge each and every pupil at their appropriate level.

This will allow strategic decision making to take place at an appropriate level of expertise and promote more integrated project planning than has taken place previously.

In response, the National Hi-Tech Crime Project Team was set up in March 2000, to identify the appropriate level and manner of response needed in the formation of a national unit.

The second goal is for those wishing a more formal recognition of their achievements: the chance to be assessed at an appropriate level for the National Navigation Award.

Moreover, the appropriate level of capital will depend in part on how far we think operational losses are correlated with other types of loss which are already covered by capital.

But as Phil Redman stressed, "We are very aware of the differences between sponsorship and advertising and we know that local and national business already share our views on the most appropriate level of commercial visibility in this sort of context."

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