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They disagreed on the appropriate form of Gun Fu, with Kurt Wimmer advocating a smoother, flowing style and the choreographer supporting a more rigid style.

Podolsky proposed in 1928 that the Laplace-Beltrami operator (times ) has the appropriate form for the quantum mechanical kinetic energy operator.

The appropriate form, obtainable from the Registrar, is to be completed and returned.

The CREST Membership Processing Department must be informed on the appropriate form (which has been distributed to all CREST users) if a member wishes to change this flag.

Accidents reportable to Health & Safety under RIDDOR should have the appropriate form completed and sent to Health & Safety, a copy should also be sent to the registering Authority and a copy retained in the accident records.

All objections must be submitted in writing, or online using the appropriate form, and are open to public inspection: it is not possible to treat objections in confidence.

When you open the account our staff will draw your attention to the appropriate form.

Go to their Webpage ( and print out the appropriate form (for scripts it's "Form PA", I also use it for treatments) and follow the instructions.

A suggested form of words is provided in the Annex to this circular, but the court should use its discretion to decide on the appropriate form of words to use in each individual case.

Many tutors contact us to discuss the most appropriate form of assistance for their students.

Applications must be made on behalf of named students by SGM members on the appropriate form.

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