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Drunks and people with aggressive tendencies can be detected in large areas; spawning the appropriate action for the robot officer in charge of controlling the situation.

Another question asked is whether current language is likely to promote "effective and appropriate action towards invasive species through cohesive language (Larson 2005).

Fears were expressed that no attempt was being made to raise funds to repay the bank loan, and if appropriate action is not taken then the community can face a bleak future.

Depending on its current state and the class of the glyph it encounters, it will switch to a new state and possibly perform an appropriate action.

The reports and proposals will be synthesized and then transmitted to the concerned government agencies for appropriate action".

The Executive also advises employers to use consultants to measure levels of vibration and suggest appropriate action to reduce them.

CHIEF will give you a series of response messages that you need to be able to read and on which to take the appropriate action.

These violent dark clouds are on course for this country, and unless appropriate action is taken to disperse them they may settle over the vulnerable towns and cities of the UK, and be responsible for bloodshed and terrible fear to decent people.

"Despite this, and three very important reports, Government is all too slow in instigating appropriate action on voting procedures in Northern Ireland to address the issue.

He also recommended that appropriate action be taken against the unauthorised neon signs if their illumination is not reduced to the level specified in the condition within two months.

At the same time, the school needs to take appropriate action to improve standards in information and communication technology, the planning of the curriculum and the strategic planning for the school's future development.

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