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The Institute is independent of Federal Title IV educational financial aid programs, so students with a need must find an alternative way to pay for their expenses.

An alternative way to regard the higher yields of credit instruments is to regard them as being priced off different yield curves, where these credit curves lie above the reference curve.

E.g. an order to forbid a protest march on the grounds of public safety should not be made if there is an alternative way of protecting public safety, e.g. by assigning an alternative route for the march.

Per capita Per capita at each generation is an alternative way of distribution, where heirs of the same generation will each receive the same amount.

An alternative way via Lincoln Highway and Flinders Highway (both are formerly National Alternative Route 1 now B100) to reach Ceduna before the Nullarbor Crossing.

They could have brought an alternative way of dispersing rioting crowds.

An alternative way of assessing the role of white clover in EGS is to reseed high risk pastures with a clover free grass seed mixture - details of this can be obtained from Bruce McGorum.

An alternative way to detect differences in the heap between two points in a program's execution is to make use of the leak table.

LEGAL ISSUES An alternative way of community involvement is for the community to invest itself.

Trend restored: (DNK.LOCSTL05) Definition: The trend restored series of the CLI is an alternative way to present the OECD CLI in which the long-term trend of the reference series has been incorporated.

If you missed the bus you had to find an alternative way of getting to the event!

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