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This is because the on-board performance monitoring and alerting function could alleviate the absence of ATS surveillance service by providing an alternative means of risk mitigation.

The church thus became an alternative means for establishing a sense of togetherness, and a place for social activity.

Through the elaboration of the law of octaves and the meaning of the enneagram, Gurdjieff offered his students alternative means of conceptualizing the world and their place in it.

Many passengers have no real alternative means of transport.

Yaw Control In most flying wing designs, the stabilising fins are so far forward that any control rudders mounted on them have little effect, thus alternative means for yaw control must be provided.

Therefore, by encouraging residents to use alternatives particularly for these shorter journeys and by improving alternative means of travelling, there is potential for a modal shift away from the car in the STRAP area.

But there is equally a feeling that many planning disputes should never enter the appeals system and could be resolved if an alternative means of resolving them was available.

In these circumstances, screens and voice distorters may be used. 3.6.4 The Government believes that in most cases there are alternative means to help a frightened witness to give their evidence.

Alternative means of disposal such as underground in aquifers or depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs is significant but much less than in the ocean.

In Stevenage the town's Transport Forum organised a number of events including an exhibition to highlight alternative means of transport.

Across the ages, wool, silk, tea - whatever the government imposed a duty on - villagers arranged alternative means of importing!

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