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In popular culture * The anime series RahXephon 's primary locations are on Nirai Kanai, a place close to the Ryukyus named after the legend; the series also provides an alternative explanation for how the Nirai Kanai legend originated.

This idea is mostly remembered as a falsified alternative explanation for Hubble's Law in most astronomy or cosmology discussions.

An alternative explanation is that the earliest community began on the hill with church, manor house and rectory.

Both of these works rejected many of the assumptions of modern geology and attempted to establish flood geology as an alternative explanation for geological features.

An alternative explanation comes from a Rand Corporation proposal of the pre-Internet period.

Preliminary results suggest an alternative explanation proposing that the so-called boulder beach deposits are more likely to be of fluvial origin.

I awoke today and switched on the news, and found an alternative explanation.

An alternative explanation is provided by the 15th century Ortus Sanitatis in which the author wrote of "dens lionis", a herb "much employed by Master Wilhemus, a surgeon, who on account of its virtues likened it to a lion's tooth".

An alternative explanation asserts that the Beta Israel community may be the descendants of the entourage that accompanied Menelik I, the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba.

As much as I hate to admit it, there's an alternative explanation that lets Graham off the hook.

"It is indeed compelling, in part because of the clarity of their experimental data, but also because I can't find a viable alternative explanation,"said Eric Swanson, a theoretical physicist at the University of Pittsburgh.

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