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Most games are almost identical to the originals, and all games and some obstacles retaining their American names.

However, he criticises it for "not being particularly user friendly and feels almost identical to Forza".

According to Tismaneanu, such letters, using "almost identical terms", had been sent to him before 1989 by unknown antisemites.

Confusion was avoided by making the "nuevo peso"currency almost identical to the old "peso".

The BMP-1 and BMP-2 share the same chassis and have almost identical road performance.

In the case of planetary transfers this means directing the spacecraft, originally in an orbit almost identical to Earth's, so that the apogee of the transfer orbit is on the far side of the Sun near the orbit of the other planet.

In other mammals For the most part, research has shown that formation in animals is almost identical to formation in humans.

The York River buildings are almost identical mirror images or each other with the major differences being differences in internal color schemes and numbering.

The Board came to a conclusion almost identical to that of the first board, expressed as follows.

The total yards were almost identical (BSU 465, LATECH 463), but the Bulldogs were doomed by 4 tournovers.

Yucie herself looks almost identical to the character of Lisa from Princess Maker 3, including the hairstyle and unusually large forehead.

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