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Happiness economists hope to change the way governments view well-being and how to most effectively govern and allocate resources given this paradox.

It is a way to allocate resources to achieve specific objectives based on program goals and measured results. The key to understanding performance-based budgeting lies beneath the word "result.

An alternate definition sees governance as :the use of institutions, structures of authority and even collaboration to allocate resources and coordinate or control activity in society or the economy.

The campaign will continue, however, and we will allocate resources to this sadly neglected area as long as we are able.

Planned economies allocate resources via government departments Most transitional economies have experienced problems of falling output and rising prices over the past decade.

How to estimate the effort, resources and risks of each activity and allocate resources effectively.

Part of the difficulty which managers have in trying to allocate resources lies in the fact that serious transfusion errors are rare and there is a perception that money would be better spent on direct patient care.

It will be necessary to allocate resources for initial research, schema design, beta testing, training and ongoing support.

In one experiment that controlled for age, the researchers found that parents are more likely to allocate resources to teenage girls than boys, although there's no difference when the kids are infants.

New York City, like other major U.S. cities, uses a count of people living on its streets and in alleys, parks and subways to estimate program needs, allocate resources and educate the public on issues facing the poorest residents.

NIH investments affect what evidence is ultimately available to those who decide how to allocate resources to improve the health of our nation, and they also affect the kinds of health experts we train as a country.

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