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A slot machine will appear and depending on what three identical pictures the player manage to match will adversely affect the competitors.

Pollution may adversely affect the health of the seas and ultimately limit man's ability, or that of future generations, to use the seas as a sustainable resource.

Larry Renger - former Cox Engineer Piston / Conrod ball socket joint free play Sometimes, especially with engines that have had a lot of use, the piston / conrod ball socket joint is very loose and will adversely affect performance.

Worst of all, it was found that dry ice can adversely affect the color and flavor of certain foods if placed too close to them.

Miranda warns Andy that if she declines, it could adversely affect her future job prospects.

The focus of most post-1962 enhancements to design methods has been on developing a series of relevant, sound, humanistic problem-solving procedures and techniques to reduce avoidable errors and oversights that can adversely affect design solutions.

Department of Labor stating that there are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available, and that the employment of aliens will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers.

Furthermore, the frequency of the common mode voltage can adversely affect performance.

Vera was an active campaigner against developments that could adversely affect what she called my river'.

Unfortunately, a breakwater would likely adversely affect littoral drift and the creation of a Goleta Bay harbor is probably too extreme.

There are, however, diseases and disorders that may adversely affect the function and overall effectiveness of the system.

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