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Some studies indicate that the radiation has had an adverse effect on birds in the area.

The presence of Jumbo frames also has an adverse effect on network latency.

Industrialized nations are dependent on oil, and efforts to restrict the supply of oil would have an adverse effect on the economies of oil producers.

Brigadier General Finnegan believed the show had an adverse effect on the training of American soldiers because it advocated unethical and illegal behavior.

Also, heat and incandescent lights can, in some circumstances, have an adverse effect.

The major adverse effect is bleeding on local sites of clinical intervention and systemically (regarding parts of the body or the whole body system).

After study, the Consultation concluded that the no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) for acrylamide neuropathy is 0.5 mg/kg body weight/day and the NOAEL for fertility changes is four times higher than for peripheral neuropathy.

These chemicals may or may not kill the bacteria in the tanks and may or may not have an adverse effect on septic systems.

Many students have had to take up part-time work in order to pay living costs while studying, and this has been shown to have an adverse effect on their results.

However, the position remains that the disclosure and tipping off provisions directly and indirectly have an adverse effect on the relationship of trust between professional legal advisor and client.

Some changes could be considered to be detrimental - for example, a large number (about 150) of grouse moors have been lost since the 1950's which must have had an adverse effect on the economies in the areas concerned.

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