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Many general-service 120-volt lamps use no additional support wires, but lamps designed for "rough service"or "vibration service"may have as many as five.

Asn Sharing learning, teaching and living with additional support needs students.

The good teaching in these subjects has been backed up with well-targeted additional support for boys, good curricula and good leadership.

A circular jaguar altar rests on three pedestals before the structure, two of these are crouching figures that originally supported the altar, the third central column is modern and put in place as an additional support during restoration of the ruins.

El Mercurio, 5/06/06, Secundarios: "El FPMR debe hacerse responsible por su llamado a marchar" The strike was held on Monday with the additional support of university students, high school teachers, truckers and workers amongst other unions.

The historic building which houses the library was built in 1918. A major new addition was opened in 2005. The library is publicly funded and receives additional support from about 600 people who have joined "The Friends of the Urbana Free Library".

The Scotsman,2002: Class discipline improves as streaming regains ground In common with other Moray schools, Buckie High school provides for pupils with a very wide range of additional support needs.

Additional support for strong beaming in GRBs has come from observations of strong asymmetries in the spectra of nearby type Ic supernova Mazzali 2005 and from radio observations taken long after bursts when their jets are no longer relativistic.

However, when the attack came it was partial and un-coordinated, providing some additional support for the contention that he had little capacity as a commander.

The operation is funded primarily by local sales taxes, with additional support from state and federal sources.

Rolling out of the deck The bridge deck was constructed on land at the ends of the viaduct and rolled lengthwise from one pylon to the next, with eight temporary towers providing additional support.

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