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These codes would provide additional information about the Naval Reservist and, in this way, were the equivalent of a service number prefix.

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The world that created the device Cole used to heal Ivanova (and kill himself in the process) has been discovered, and enough additional information has been found to revive him.

An episode related in the life of Apollonius of Tyre furnishes additional information upon this subject.

If the court requires additional information before ruling on a motion, the court may hold a hearing and may direct the parties to submit briefs, written materials that state the facts and present each side's position.

Additional information was taken off the official website of the arena.

External links *Oceans of Kansas; includes much additional information and many illustrations and photographs of tylosaurines, including restorations and skeletons.

Some titles may carry an additional information caption.

She researches extra or additional information that may help the group come to a certain conclusion.

The FREED table gives additional information in the top rows, such as the mass and amount composition and transition temperatures of the constituent elements.

He offers variants and additional information from other manuscripts: he was a major, or "magistrate"among the sacrificers, a princeps or "chief man"quod forte praecipuus esset loci illius, "who happened to be in charge of the place", perhaps Cap Corse.

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