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Longtime train collectors and hobbyists were offended at this newer production, dismissing the new products as "cheap junk", an accurate description.

The name Hermosa comes from Spanish and means "beautiful,"an accurate description of this beach dwelling community looking out on sunsets.

I called the police as I pursued him but I lost track of who he was and couldn't give an accurate description!

Surveys have been checked to obtain a more accurate description.

Indeed, it is possible to argue that the introduction of accurately printed figures, the new concern with accurate description and the increased circulation of texts enabled modern science to develop in the 16th century.

There are many paths in the immediate area and providing an accurate description is almost impossible.

The name is a fairly accurate description of its function i.e. a colour management system (CMS) will be able to handle colour information in such a way as to minimise loss of colour accuracy/information.

These documents gave a concise, up-to-date and accurate description of each course and were appreciated and used by staff and students.

In his evidence, the Accused tried to limit his competence to matters of state importance (Session 98, Vol. IV, p.xxxx5), but this cannot be accepted as an accurate description of the scope of his powers.

If you're curious about the muscle's name, the word 'tensor' means 'makes tense', 'fascia' means 'band', and 'lata' signifies 'wide', providing a pretty accurate description of the characteristics of this key muscle.

Costs can be quoted to provide a more accurate description of the customers purchase.

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