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Reading and writing are thus reciprocal processes, reading is an active process, and the best way to learn critical reading is probably by training academic writing.

An American academic writing for The Nation reported that "60,000 persons gathered on the bank of the river to hear Gandhi's call to arms.

Investigating reformulation as a practical strategy for the teaching of academic writing.

StrathPrints is a database of refereed journal articles and other academic writing produced by members of Strathclyde University.

It is crafted skilfully in an attractive prose style that fully reflects the call of the editor of the Studies in Popular Culture series for readable and accessible academic writing.

Students can choose to attend workshops focusing, for example, on academic writing skills or examination preparation techniques, or they can attend 30-minute one-to-one tutorials with the English tutor to work on the student's particular weakness.

About Academic Knowledge: Academic Knowledge is an academic writing website that has been providing freelance writing jobs to graduates and postgraduates worldwide since 2003.

Faculty volunteers of the program, Christopher Lynett, academic writing faculty, Scranton, and Anthony Pusateri, math faculty, Clarks Summit, also were presented with certificates of appreciation.

When she first started out as a Public Policy major, Lu went through a hard time adjusting to the style of academic writing required in her classes, and often sought help from the writing center.

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