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An academic study cited frequently showing a liberal media bias in American journalism is The Media Elite,* a 1986 book co-authored by political scientists Robert Lichter, Stanley Rothman, and Linda Lichter.

These works reflect the emergence of women's literature as a flourishing field of academic study over the past few decades.

Martin J. Medhurst, "The Academic Study of Public Address: A Tradition in Transition,"in Landmark Essays in American Public Address, ed. Martin J. Medhurst (Hermagoras Press 1993), p. xv.

The gymnasium prepares pupils to enter a university for advanced academic study.

With other educators, Quakers recognised that schooling involved far more than academic study.

The rigors of academic study at each level are balanced with a number of other related co-curricular activities.

Academic study University of Leicester sociologists studied this subject as part of a research project for the Economic and Social Research Council and End Child Prostitution and Trafficking campaign.

Since its founding in 1955, Don Bosco Tech has endeavored to become a leading college-prep educational institution with a unique emphasis on academic study and technology awareness.

Academic study Reliability of the testimony of critical ex-members (apostates) :''See Apostasy for a more detailed treatment of this subject.

Using creative writing in an academic study risks giving readers and academia "the impression that one's research is less a piece of scholarship than an invented narrative"(34).

The TIRC was created to facilitate international studies and events, academic study, and just general interaction between people of all different cultures and backgrounds.

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