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While they admit that the book cannot touch on every single aspect (Yergin remarks that the topic of their book constitutes an entire new academic discipline), they nonetheless make some of the following assertions.

The use of sample surveys, which purportedly measure public opinion, now almost constitutes an academic discipline in itself.

Critical views Cultural studies is not a unified theory but a diverse field of study encompassing many different approaches, methods, and academic perspectives; as in any academic discipline, cultural studies academics frequently debate among themselves.

He co-authored a paper, delivered at a NATO conference, on ways in which the academic discipline of psychology could contribute to the defence against terrorism.

Though it traces its roots back to Max Weber and earlier, organizational studies is generally considered to have begun as an academic discipline with the advent of scientific management in the 1890s, with Taylorism representing the peak of this movement.

History In the 19th century, histology was an academic discipline in its own right.

Today, library and information science has evolved into an important academic discipline.

The Most Influential Academic Discipline You've Never Heard Of."

Such a department might be called, say, "mathematical sciences"or just plain "mathematics", but will still treat statistics as a serious academic discipline.

You don't have to grapple with a real academic discipline in depth You skate over a thousand ponds, without bothering too much about what lies underneath.

The aim of Marketing Theory is to create a high quality, specialist outlet for management and social scientists who are committed to developing and reformulating marketing as an academic discipline by critically analysing existing theory.

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