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There is much academic debate as to whether the Anglo-Saxon migrants replaced, or merged with, the Romano-British people who inhabited southern and eastern Britain.

The extent to which this model resembles real-life elections is the subject of considerable academic debate.

Interestingly, this dispute does not involve historians since it is not taking place as an academic debate.

Under the term Astrolinguistics an academic debate has taken shape on the nature of bodies of knowledge, 'common grounds' in a semantic sense, shared between alien and human languages for interstellar communication.

They point as additional proof to the practice of academic debate in the United States, an activity almost exclusively involving children of the upper middle classes, future lawyers and graduate students, and not ordinary citizens.

The differentiation is primarily an academic debate, important mainly for the delineation between the competences of the court system and administrative authorities.

It is likely that the implications of the Bologna Declaration will become the subject of further academic debate in the near future.

There was also a positive recognition that a culture of freedom of opinion lent itself well to engagement with critical academic debate.

Foreign language students can correspond with native speakers, pupils can ask questions of scientists and can put their toes in the waters of academic debate, even at relatively young ages.

Lack of primary evidence is, of course, sauce for the goose of academic debate, but it is generally unwise to be too dogmatic about the details what these men taught.[3] Notes {1] Gordon H. Clark, Thales To Dewey.

The academic debate runs the risk of radicalizing it and absorbing even more management time and attention.

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