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Eslavstica Complutense Eslavistica Complutense is answering to the urgent need for presenting to the scholarly and academic circles the new line of studies and researches developed in Spain in the area of philology, which is: Slavonic philology.

In less than a decade, UIT has earned a name in the academic circles of the city and has produced engineering graduates who have carried its good name in several corners of the world.

Economic cooperation between Russia and Europe got the better of "New Cold War"discourse produced on both sides by government, media and academic circles.

Argentieri noted that today, the famine remains virtually ignored, even in academic circles in the West.

At that time several people in the academic circles of St.Petersburg would discuss a concept of a new, independent and free university, that would fill in the gaps of the traditional Russian system of tuition in social sciences and humanities.

To avoid ambiguity, transliteration based on diacritics is generally preferred in academic circles.

Despite their popularity and applicability in academic circles, shape grammars have not found wide-spread use in generic Computer Aided Design applications.

Since coming to the UK several months ago, I seem to have met postmodernism at every turn - both in academic circles and in the world at large.

For an entirely different measure of a college's worth, he pointed to a different ranking: the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities, published by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a widely respected measure in academic circles.

His unorthodox style and popular works in various media have earned him an audience that spans beyond traditional academic circles.

The more scientifically grounded and elaborate the dissertation and research, the more academics tend to enjoy prestige in academic circles.

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