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In this way, they are closely related - but not equivalent - to the abstract concept of interfaces described in this article.

By showing how looking at specific uses of key words and phrases in political language reveal underlying ideological commitments, McGee offers a concrete method for understanding the highly abstract concept of ideology.

Sustainable management can be applied to many things, as it can be applied as a literal and an abstract concept.

Subjective reason is an abstract concept of reason, and focuses primarily on ends.

This is not an abstract concept but one grounded in the daily reality of people's lives.

Sometimes, a class that you define represents an abstract concept and, as such, should not be instantiated.

In the Philippines as well, humankind's impact on the planet is no longer an abstract concept, with a link drawn between climate change and typhoons that have devastated the country in recent years.

The pontiff has made the idea of mercy the dominant theme of his papacy, insisting that it is not simply an abstract concept.

"They have helped shape what is otherwise an abstract concept."

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